Genesis for the success of the Coastal States Hydrogen Strategy

History of the success of the Coastal States Hydrogen Strategy HistoryOn 26 November 2018, the Economics and Transport Ministers / Senators of the five Northern German Länder decided to develop a joint hydrogen strategy. In January 2019, a ministerial working group consisting of representatives from the participating ministries began work on a North German Hydrogen […]

Hydrogen – today and in the future

Hydrogen – today and in the future The northern German states are committed to the global and national climate protection goals. The internationally recognised climate goals require limiting global warming to well below two degrees. To achieve this, greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced sustainably and the energy transition must be implemented across all sectors […]

Northern Germany as a predestined region

Northern Germany as a predestined region The five northern German states are united by the political will to develop a hydrogen economy, as they have exceptionally favourable location conditions for this like no other region in Germany. The five northern German states – Who we are . Each of the five northern states of Bremen, […]

Free Hanseatic City of Bremen

Free Hanseatic City of Bremen “The state of Bremen, together with the other coastal states, will work intensively on the technology for using surplus wind power to produce hydrogen, thereby advancing an important field of expertise in the energy transition […]”.“The use of hydrogen as an energy storage medium is an important pillar of sector […]

Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg “For Hamburg as a major industrial and transport centre in the north, hydrogen offers great opportunities to further strengthen the economic performance of our city and its quality of life. Through the growing demand for green hydrogen in Hamburg, we are helping to create economies of scale that are […]


Mecklenburg-Vorpommern “The energy transition can only succeed with comprehensive sector coupling. Green hydrogen is a key element in storing the renewable electricity generated in our state in the long term and making it usable for other sectors. The development of a green hydrogen economy is an economic and structural policy opportunity for the coastal federal […]


Niedersachsen “Together with the other northern German states, Lower Saxony has the potential to become the leading region for a green hydrogen economy. We have exactly the potential that is needed to take on a leading position here: We have a high production of electricity from renewable energies, the necessary infrastructure for storage, transport and […]


Schleswig-Holstein “Although there is now a broad consensus that the restructuring of the energy system will not succeed without hydrogen, the federal government is lacking the decisive impetus to really move the issue forward. That is why we have now decided not to wait any longer for the federal government, but to move forward as […]

Hydrogen: Recognising potential, exploiting opportunities

Hydrogen: Recognising potential, exploiting opportunities A clean, secure and affordable energy supply is essential for our lives. The energy transition lays the foundation for this with our efforts and successes in the expansion of renewable energies and in the area of energy efficiency. With the decisions of the Federal Cabinet on the Climate Protection Programme […]

Hydrogen: goals and ambitions

Hydrogen: goals and ambitions With the NWS, the German government is creating a coherent framework for action for the future production, transport, use and further use of hydrogen and thus for corresponding innovations and investments. It defines the steps that are necessary to contribute to achieving the climate targets, to create new value chains for […]